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Phim Tứ đại danh bộ - Four marshals

Tên phim: Tứ Đại Danh Bổ - Tập 42/42
Four Marshals (2003) - Episode 42/42
Đạo diễn: Wu Yao Quan (吴耀权), Liu Hai Bo (刘海波)
Diễn viên: Nhiếp Viễn, Hà Nhuận Đông, Thẩm Ngạo Quân, Huỳnh Thiếu Kỳ, Vương Học Binhì
Thể loại: Võ Thuật, Kiếm Hiệp
Quốc gia: Trung Quốc
Năm sản xuất: 2003
Thời lượng: 42 Tập
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Swordplay novels by Wen Rui'an may be less popular than those by Jin Yong, but they are just as compelling. TV series Four Marshals, adapted from Wen's original work, intrigues viewers with an extraordinary plot and spectacular actions! Four popular Chinese actors form the drama's star-studded cast, with Eric Huang, Nie Yuan, Peter Ho, and Wang Xuebing playing four young and talented fighters devoted to uphold justice. Apprentices of the genius Zhuge Shenhou (Yue Yaoli), they set out to beat the villainous Ling Luoshi, nicknamed "General of Horror", as commanded by their master. Each possessing a special martial arts skill, they courageously take up the great challenge, which is the final test before they can be appointed as the government's royal marshals.

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